December 7, 2015


Up on my web shop right now: My personal collection of Fur Face Boy.

It’s not everything, but it’s very close. I kept 25 tee’s for myself, while the rest is for you for just 1 cent plus shipping costs.

I will only let one person snag one lot. If I see your name or address multiple times I will steal your shipping fee and not reply back to you and move on to the next person. You can’t get greedy with this deal! Got it? Also, I’m only shipping within the USA.

**Most shirts have been worn, washed and dried**

furfaceboy_free furfaceboy_free1

Series 1 includes: Original FFB logo Tee, Original FFB Wordmark Tee, FFB Blockman Tee, FFB Tie Tee, The Incredible FFB Tee, FFB Marauders Tee, FFB Street Tee, FFB Dallas Tee, FFB Fort Worth Tee, FFB Bruce Tee, FFB Cholo Tee, FFB Patrick Tee, Girl’s FFB Is My BFF Tee


Series 2 includes: FFB x Shogun Collab Tee, FFB CMYK Tee, FFB Wordmark 2 Tee, The Amazing FFB Tee, FFB Baseball Tee, Hey Ho, Lets Go FFB Tee, FFB Michael Tee, FFB True Blue Tee, FFB Pattern Tee, FFB New Wave Tee, FFB I Hate Graphic Design Tee, FFB Bearmaibrick Tee, FFB Comics Logo Tee


Series 3 includes: FFB x Centre Collab Tee, FFB Eleprint Tee, FFB Eleprint Wordmark Tee, FFB Baseball Raglan, Little FFB Tee, Don’t Underestimate the FFB Tee, Licensed to FFB Tee, FFB Whip It Tee, FFB Fancy Tee, FFB Play Ball Tee, FFB I Hate Graphic Design Tee, The Fantastic FFB Tee, FFB Marvel Tee


Series 4 includes: FFB x The Public Trust Gallery Collab Tee, Mega FFB Tee, FFB Classic Tee, Angel Bear Mai Tee, FFB Seal Tee, FFB Script Tee, Black Logo Zippy, FFB Seal Hoody, FFB Creative Dept Sweatshirt


Series 5 includes: FFB x Hamhula T-shirt Company Collab (Blue) Tee, FFB Plaid Tee, Cool Bear Mai Tee, FFB ABA Tee, FFB Spray Paint Can Tee, FFB Graphic Tee, FFB Fist Tee, FFB Soccer Tee, Fur-Pac Tee, Navy Blue FFB Logo Zippy


Series 6 includes: FFB x We Are 1976 Collab Tee, FFB Crest Tee, FFB Springfield Tee, FFB Street Fighter Tee, Bear Mai By FFB Tee, Burgandy FFB Logo Zippy, Black FFB Big Logo Hoody


2010 Summer Series includes: FFB x Adikt Collab Tee, FFB Ice Pop Tee, Captain Amerifur Tee, Summer Bearmaibrick Tee, Fresh FFB Tee
2011 Summer Series includes: FFB x Shogun Collab Tee 2, FFB Native Tee, FFB Summer Fade Wordmark Tee, Bear Mai Ice Pop Tee, Black FFB Tank Tap, Camo FFB Tank Top


2012 FFB Tees includes: FFB Huxtable Tee, FFB Bubble Wordmark Tee, FFB Web-Head Tee, FFB Gold Prism Tee, FFB Dark Knight Tee, Mr. FFB Baseball Tee, FFB Rangers Tee, FFB Buddies Tee, The Uncanny FFB Tee, FFB Strongman Tee, FFB Bruce 2 Tee, FFB All-American Tee, FFB Classic Ringer Tee, FFB Color Block Tee, FFB Seafoam Pocket Tee, FFB Champion® Raglan, FFB Camo Tee, FFB Tye-Dye Tee


Japanese Series includes: Ultra FFB Tee (from 2010), FFB Japanese Logo Tee, FFB x RIP Shogun Tee, Fur-Chan Tee, FFB T-Shirt Man Tee, FFB Super #1 Friends Tee, FFB Hahaha-Happy Tee, FFB Dancing Girl Tee, FFB Hero Tee, Section-FFB Tee


2015 Tees includes: FFB-100 Tee, FFB #1 Super Friends Tee (reprint), FFB Speed Tee, FFB 3d Wordmark Tee, FFB Fat Type Tee, Smells Like FFB Tee (reprint), DARE to FFB Tee, FFB Think Different Tee, #FurFaceBoy Tee, FFB Unathletic Dept Tee, The FFB Tee, FFB Direct to You Tee


FFB One-off Tees includes: FFB x UTA Vietnamese Student Association Tee (Gold), FFB 50 States Tee, Ultra FFB Japan Tsunami Relief Tee, Locks of FFB for Locks of Love Tee, FFB x UTA Vietnamese Student Association Tee (Red), Astro Fur 3.0 Tee, 2010 Artopia FFB Monster Man Tee, FFB x We Are 1976 Collab Lecture Tee, FFB x Red’s Pop Up Shop Tee, Blue Little FFB (For Shogun Only) Tee, FFB x Unkommon Kolor Tee, FFB Black Friday Chain Tee, FFB Glow in the Dark Chain Tee, The Amazing FFB (Symbiote Black Friday) Tee, 2010 FFB Valentine’s Day Tee


FFB Sneaker & Sports Inspired Tees includes: FFB Mars (Athletic Grey) Tee, FFB Bred Tee, Space Fur (Black) Tee, Space Fur (Royal) Tee, FFB Mars (Bred) Tee, FFB Wings (Royal) Tee, FFB Sneakerboxes Tee, FFB Wings (Red) Tee, FFB Vintage Baseball Jersey (Sample), FFB Super Bowl Tee, FFB Basketball All-Star Tee, FFB Bear Mai All-Star Tee, FFB Whamilton Tee, FFB College Mascot Tee, FFB Diggler Tee, FFB Pacman Tee


FFB XS-XL Random Assortment includes: Random selection and sizes

Good luck grabbing a FFB lot! Hopefully if you’re able to snag a lot, you will share them with your friends and family! Thank you for all of the FFB love and support! I wish I could keep all of these but I have big personal plans coming up and I need to get rid of as much of my stuff as I can!

-Fur Face Boy

December 3, 2015


Dear Fur Face Boy family, friends, fans and fucker faces…

I’ve been thinking really long and hard (heh-heh…) about this and I decided that I just have wayyyyyy too much Fur Face Boy in my closet and that I HAVE TO get rid of not all, BUT MOST of my stash.

So for this holiday season, I will be giving away FOR FREE most of all I have. See this as a holiday gift from yours truly to you :)

“But how”… you ask?

I will post LOTS (as in chunks) of FFB apparel onto my web store starting Monday, December 7, 2015 at 12am. Again, these shirts will be FREE, BUT you will have to pay shipping and handling charges!

Most of these shirts are used, worn by me and only me, but I consider myself to be a clean guy. I don’t stink or smell like B.O. and sweat and shit like that, and I really, really, really take good care of my stuff. So don’t worry about buying gross, old, dirty FFB. Most shirts were worn like once or twice and washed and dried like only once or twice, so yea, it’s totally cool. There’s also a lot of new unworn FFB too. Most will be size small to medium though. I think there’s some size Large or X-large somewhere in my stash. I have pieces from every series dating back from 2009’s series 1 to the recent 2015 Terminator tee. I promise that there will be at least 95% of all shirts that were ever released!

There will be many fan favorites like the Astro Fur, The Ultra FFB, the Dirk FFB, shop collabs, and even super rare ones like the UT-Arlington VSA print. Again, ALL FOR FREE!!!! (and again, you gotta pay the shipping and handling though)

ALSO! I will only let one person snag one lot. If I see your name or address multiple times I’m gonna steal your shipping fee and not reply back to you and move on to the next person. You can’t get greedy with this deal, gotta spread the love man! Got it? Good! ALSO PT2! Sorry, I’m not going to ship international :( USA SHIPPING ONLY.

I love my FFB, but sometimes, if you love something so much, you gotta learn to let it go. Y’know, kinda like this fart I’m about to let go of right now….*Faaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrt*

Anyways, this is just a heads up. December 7, 2015 at 12am! So visit soon to snag what you can!



-Ha Mai (Fur Face Boy)

October 8, 2015


…from my phone:

furfaceboy_MN3 furfaceboy_MN5furfaceboy_MN1 furfaceboy_MN7furfaceboy_MN6furfaceboy_MN10 furfaceboy_MN9furfaceboy_MN8furfaceboy_MN2furfaceboy_MN4

…what a boring weekend.

Fur Face Boy

September 8, 2015


furfaceboy1 furfaceboy2 furfaceboy3 furfaceboy4 furfaceboy5 furfaceboy6

Fur Face Boy

August 24, 2015

8/21 – 8/23: WEEKEND PHOTOS

Here are some random photos from my weekend for you to think about…







I also posted some stuff for sale on ebay. Please check it out HERE. Thanks.

Fur Face Boy