October 8, 2015


…from my phone:

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…what a boring weekend.

Fur Face Boy

September 30, 2015


A lot of times, I wish that I could go back in time and meet my younger self. I usually envision the 24 year old version of myself, so about 2006.

I’d tell myself to appreciate everything that I have. My family, my friends, my dog, my job, my apartment, my car and my girl. Then I’d probably punch myself dead square in the mouth and say…Fuck you, you unappreciative little shit!” and then go back to the present (now with a mouth full of dentures, of course).

It’s tough to realize just how good you have it when you’re young because you don’t have anything to compare it to. As the years go by and as I grow older, I always think back and compare my life from 10 years ago to now. Though I grew smarter, made more money, expanded my skill-set, drove cooler cars, had tons of fun, lived through many, many bad times, met many talented people, started a t-shirt brand and took on many risks to be where I’m at now, it will never be as good as when I was young, dumb, out-of-shape, underpaid / broke, eager to learn, full of potential, and insanely in love.

I miss that version of me and as much as I try to be him again, I can’t, because of the experiences I lived during the past 10 years have changed me. As it should with everyone. I’m a different person for sure today and it shows when you see / hear my views, see my work and see my demeanor. My core values are still intact though….I think. I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m better now, but I would say that I’m tainted now, and you know what? Eventually, we all become tainted :* (


Give me an email to tell me abut your tainted life if you like.

Fur Face Boy

September 24, 2015


by Shemekia Copeland. I like this song…

Fur Face Boy

September 8, 2015


furfaceboy1 furfaceboy2 furfaceboy3 furfaceboy4 furfaceboy5 furfaceboy6

Fur Face Boy

August 24, 2015

8/21 – 8/23: WEEKEND PHOTOS

Here are some random photos from my weekend for you to think about…







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Fur Face Boy