April 16, 2015


If you haven’t heard, I was in Atlanta last weekend to do nothing, and we all know that no matter where you’re at, you gotta eat. I ate at like five different restaurants while in Atlanta and the place below was probably my favorite out of the five. This place wasn’t in my travel plans at all, all I did was pull up my Yelp app, and since I was craving tacos, I typed in ‘Tacos’ and this Mexican/Asian fusion place pops up on the app. Taqueria Tsunami was still brand new, so I gave it a try…


Inside was VERY clean and simple. It definitely had a modern contemporary vibe…


The place was decked out with loads of green and reds and woods and brushed metals…


I was super hungry, so I immediately hit ‘em with some avocado cilantro egg rolls. I was not disappointed. They came with Santa Fe ranch & sweet and spicy Thai sauce. VERY GOOD.


The food came out about 5 minutes after I tore up the avocado cilantro egg rolls…


I ordered the Tsunami Trio, which comes with your choice of two Tacos (from this list of tacos) and a side. I picked the Rich Man’s Taco: Marinated filet served with lettuce, pico de gallo and queso fresco, Rising Sun Taco: Vietnamese style pork topped with Asian slaw and cilantro and Jalapeno Cheese Tots as my side…


These Tacos and the tots had me saying OMG like Usher. I mean what else can I say but DELICIOUS! Man, I need a pedicure and some lotion though…


I give Taqueria Tsunami an A+. Cool vibe, clean, clean restrooms, friendly service, fast, decent pricing and the food was awesome. I didn’t eat everything, but I’d eat there again without a doubt. They got four locations in Georgia and one in Kentucky. Check a location out if you’re near one. Click HERE for their website. ¡Adiós! and さようなら

-Fur Face Boy

April 14, 2015


I was bored so I went to the ATL this past weekend. I didn’t really do much, but I didn’t care, I was just happy to get away from Texas for a bit (because I’m SO sick of Texas)


Atlanta is actually pretty cool. There’s a lot to do there. The city is clean and has loads of different culture and different districts, not to mention it’s EXTREMELY abundant history







There’s a lot of cool random art stuff too. I hate art though, but I just took it for what it is -___-



Atlanta is also the home of yours and mines favorite hangover spot, Waffle House.


The Human Highlight Film should’ve won the ’88 dunk contest, but MJ had the home court advantage. Man, fbomb Michael Jordan.


Atlanta Hawks fans get turnt up…


to see Kyle Korver free throws -___-


The Southern Hospitality was on point…


Spirit Airlines always be late as fbomb though.


Hotlanta was fun. Where should I go next? Click HERE to vote.

-Fur Face Boy

April 10, 2015


Hey dudes, so with my new blog, I plan on trying new places to eat and blog about them like every week or so. I like to eat and try new places so I figured I do this. We’ll see where it goes. Anyways, I’m calling it FFB EATS (and you better like it). For the first FFB EATS post I’m going to tell you about this little hidden gem in Arlington, TX called Fork in the Road

So yea, my friend Tony D. put me onto this place. He texted me one day and said something like…“Come out to this burger place. I think you’ll like it cause they got like toys and random shit all over the walls and shit” and I texted back something like…“Aite .”

When you get here there’s no name of the place anywhere. Instead, there’s just a hanging sign with a fork icon on it. Pretty cool…


Fork in the Road has a gigantic chalkboard menu with a gigantic selection of different burger options. There’s also build-your-own-burger options and a Burger of the Week too. They also have mussels and cakes (there’s also salads and shit like that too. Bleh.). Also BYOB.


All of the table tops here are real cool. Some lined with actual concert tickets from all sorts of shows from the Dallas / Fort Worth area, others were lined with vinyl records, pennies and there was even this vintage skateboard stuff table…


This table had a bunch of rock and punk stuff collaged together…


I ordered the CRACK-A-RONI as an appetizer. It’s a truffled 3 cheese macaroni. I have no idea what the fbomb truffled is, but it’s always good.


Now back to all the cool random shit around the restaurant…




Finally, my order came out. I got the bison burger with gouda cheese and added mushrooms. VERY GOOD






If you’re ever in Arlington, TX swing by Fork in the Road. Good food, awesome / fun atmosphere, very nice owner and very good service. Asides from the loud talking customer that kept talking (and talking, and talking, and talking) about religion and sat 2 tables behind me, I thought this place was great. Solid B+ overall from me. Thanks for putting me on, Tony D.

Click HERE for more info.

-Fur Face Boy

April 6, 2015


Texas is one bigass fbombing state, so it’s obvious that there’s a lot to do here. It’s pretty cool to know that about a 1 hour away drive from where I live, I can go to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX. This past Saturday was a VERY nice Spring day, so I decided to go…


Should I jump in too?


Here’s a picture of a bee fbombing a flower.


These are stair steps. I got about 5 bruises on my left arm from falling down on them -____-


I did a bit of climbing…


and a bit of walking…


…to make it up to this tree and take a piss behind it.


The cracked ground reminded me of my elbows.


I was naked and enjoying myself in the river until some lady complained about me to a park ranger, so then I had to put my clothes back on. I was so heated >:[


It’s always nice to get outside and enjoy nature…..and talk shit about the random people you see.


In this picture, I’m standing on a giant  T-Rex skull. Just kidding.


These are supposedly dinosaur foot tracks. Looks more like dinosaur teabag tracks to me though.


This was my favorite dinosaur. Dude’s name is Rusty.


Like I said earlier, it was a VERY nice Spring day…


Man, I love nature…


If you live near or around Glen Rose, TX, you should definitely swing through Dinosaur Valley State Park (click the link for more info). I give it an A+.

-Fur Face Boy

April 2, 2015


Can you believe that this is already the 4th version of Today, I wanted to give you a history lesson from the first version to the current version. Enjoy…

BETA (Version 1) - 2009-2010: Although I came up with the idea for Fur Face Boy in 2008, 2009 was the year I officially launched the first website / blog. The site was shoddy-built  from top to bottom, inside and out. Off of pure excitement, I designed, coded and published the site completely by myself. The blog layout was a typical blog layout that was popular at the time, a Long Scrolling Blog. Though I was super proud of it, if you were a REAL web designer, you could view and identify that the coding was atrocious and filled with an assload of errors! The site was created using the little knowledge I learned from a web design class I took during my senior year at UT-Arlington in 2004. It was designed using the ‘design view’ in Dreamweaver CS4. YIKES. It was pretty much just a tiled background image, tables topped onto other tables, simple rollover buttons, anchor points, a fake e-mail sign up form, and fake alignment. The site was HORRIFIC but I didn’t care. All that mattered was that it was up and live.


Random Blog - The random blog was literally what it was – A RANDOM BLOG. Here, I posted random scans of stuff I found on the floor, things in my wallet, random music I liked, random shit I wrote, random photos of things and just anything really. My personality is so random anyways, so it added to the Fur Face Boy branding.

FFB Family Pages – When someone had a FFB tee, I used to ask for that person to send me a photo of their self wearing the shirt and I would post that photo onto the FFB family pages. I stopped doing this because I couldn’t keep it up anymore. Too many people were sending me pics with their FFB on Confused emoticon

VERSION 2.0 - 2010-2013: I had enough of running a bo-bo website, so I used whatever money that I made from Fur Face Boy during my first year and hired an actual web developer to code 2.0. My friend was friends with Jeremy Prasatik, an amazing designer and web developer. He designed and coded the gorilla vs. bear music blog, which I visited every day. That alone was all of the credentials I needed, so I hired him to take care of 2.0. I designed the site and he developed, coded and setup the blog in wordpress format. Now equipped with wordpress, I was able to easily posts new posts, add keywords / metatags, and switch out graphic banners in no time. This version of the site was basically a very beefed up version 1. The code was extremely polished and everything was simply done right. Images were bigger, social media icons, badges and call-outs were pounded in your face while shop banners calling out new FFB designs were bold and loud (and most of the time, animated). I really, really, really wanted to push people to click on all of my social media links, shop banners and to sign up to my e-mail list so that I could gain a bigger web presence, following, and of course, to make sales…and it worked!

furfaceboy_version2 2.0 was the site during the prime of FFB. Through all of the blog posts, you could see my brand grow right before your eyes. The events and trade shows I took part in, the local and national media coverage I received, the start of the lectures I gave, the collaborations with local businesses, all of the people I met, all of the fans I connected with, the friends I made, the charities I took part in, and my many travels were captured and presented through this version of the site. Web visits, pageviews and sales during this time were the highest ever! FFB was doing so well that I left a 5 year job to pursue doing it full-time. I started this brand for shits and giggles, so to live and see it grow into what it was becoming was AMAZING.

• The addition of the side banners to push my social media and new designs were a big deal.

• Free Stuff link – I used this link for people to download FREE FFB desktop images, phone backgrounds, Icons along with paper cut-outs, exclusive music mixes and even exclusive shirts! I took this link away in furfaceboy 3.0, but it’s now back in this current version.

VERSION 3.0 - 2013-2014: By this point I felt like I accomplished all that I wanted to with FFB, so I felt pretty burnt out with it BUT I didn’t want to completely shut it down. 3.0 is is a reflection to how sick I’ve grown of everyone and everything. I was sick doing events and I was sick of meeting people, so it made me sick of blogging about everything and everyone I came across. I was also tired of shoving my own product and social media down people throats with the side banners and call outs from version 2.0. This lead me to strip the site down to it’s bare essentials: A home link, contact link, shop links and four small social media icons to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.


During this time, I didn’t really care about making sales. I just wanted people to like my brand for what it was rather than liking it because of the hype it was getting. 3.0 was more about my personal deep expression and NOT the designer / marketeer side of myself (which I honestly never knew I had). Every day, I tried to take photos of things that personally intrigued and interested only me. I NEVER promoted an event, I titled blog titles with just the date, I tried my very best to not post any photos that had people in it, and asides from some writings captured in a screenshot, I never wrote anything for this version of I only posted images of random scenes, animated gifs, music videos and music players. I wanted to show how the world would look if people didn’t exist because I was so sick of people. NO ONE CAUGHT ON TO VERSION 3.0. The visits and page views were at a all-time low. Sales were low as well, and people began to think that the FFB brand had lost it’s hype. And I was totally OK with it. Because actually, that’s what I kinda wanted.

• The images posted on 3.0 were set at 1050 px wide x 700 px high. The largest images ever on a I wanted these huge images to contrast the simplicity of the site.

VERSION 4.0 – 2015-Current: I shut down in November of 2014. I remember being on a 2 week trip in California in September of that year and thinking to myself that I was gonna shut it down and focus on a new job that I was getting. I posted a ‘Will Be Back Soon’ page up for the longest time. Ideas were always brewing in my head about a relaunch, but I just never really found the time to make things happen because of my new job…that is until just a few days ago when I relaunched this site for the 4th time :)

furfaceboy_version4 4.0 is a combination of versions 1, 2 and 3. If you noticed, it’s the same blog layout as the very first version from 2009, combined with the in-your-face attitude / bold graphics of version 2.0 and the links are striped down like that of version 3.0. I want to bring the excitement that I had when I first started back to this site. I also wanted to write again, but only post things that are more meaningful rather than posting something just to post something. Honestly, my plan with is to slowly transition into print and then shut down the digital aspect of it altogether (because now I’m really starting to kinda hate the internet). Hence FFB Issues.

FAQ – I decided to create a page dedicated to questions that I always seem to get.

So as you just read, you can see how I personally changed with each version of I went from an excited, unexperienced, super enthused 27 year old guy…to a motivated, go-getting with a lot to prove, sitting on top of the world 28-31 year old guy…to a I don’t care, whatever, fbomb hype, fbomb people 32 year old guy…and now into an at peace with myself, totally content, it is what it is 33 year old guy.

Hmmmm….I wonder how will turn out when I’m a 50 year old guy? Hopefully still horny as fbomb.

-Fur Face Boy