April 1, 2015


Hey everybody. I have some good news and I have some bad news to share. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Alright, good news first it is: Fur Face Boy can now be purchased at Wal-Mart! And now for the bad news: Fur Face Boy can now be purchased at Wal-Mart!

I know, WTF right? I always pictured in my mind what I would do if a major retail giant such as Wal-Mart or Target or even Urban Outfitters or PacSun approached me with a million dollars+ asking me…“Would you like to sell your brand to us?” I always said that I would NEVER sell this brand for any amount…that is until some representatives from Wal-Mart met up with me this last week and offered me a whopping $3.25 million dollars to take on FULL (100%) reigns of my beloved Fur Face Boy brand.


Yep, I took the offer. I guess this makes me a total sell out. I’ve had this brand for 5 years now with no money to show for. I’ve worked hard striving to make it as successful as can be, but with absolutely no pay out. And so it just had to come down to this. Look, I know Wal-Mart can be an awful, awful, AWFUL place. You park in the parking lot and immediately step on a diaper full of baby shit when you get out of your car, catch the flu from putting your hands on their filthy shopping carts, weave through a sea of extremely idiotic people, wait in a line for 1+ hour(s) and come back out to your car to find 6 different door dings from stranded shopping carts left in the parking lot. BUT HEY! You saved .25¢ on bread and .49¢ on shampoo and now you will be saving $10.50 on a Fur Face Boy tee!!! And we all know that saving a few dollars and cents here and there totally trumps personal well being and mental health, right? So c’mon now guys, Wal-Mart isn’t that bad…or is it?


But am I a sell out though? Don’t all artists, designers, musicians, poets and actors strive to turn from being that little known local commodity into a worldwide sensation for all to know? Or are all artists supposed to keep their talents low key and exclusive, only to be shared with people who can actually appreciate and understand their craft? Well, all I know is that $3.25 million dollars is a lot of fbombing money. So I just took it.


I plan on moving to Venice, Italy now. Why Italy? Mainly because I really like love pizza. I’m actually going to hop onto a plane later tonight to check out some housing properties over there. I’m not going to buy a giant house, just something simple that can accommodate my UNhigh-maintenence lifestyle. After buying a house and a Vespa motor scooter, the rest of my money will be divided up for my family, charity and a few retirement funds. I plan to now just work at a grocery store somewhere in Venice and eat better and exercise more…or I don’t know, maybe get married and have some kids and fbomb around with PlayStation 4 all day. At last, my long journey with Fur Face Boy has finally and LITERALLY paid off. Thank you Wal-Mart. Please take care of my baby for me. I’m gonna miss you.

If you believed any of this, even for the slightest second, go shop at Wal-Mart. Happy April Fools’ Day.

-Fur Face Boy

March 30, 2015


Oh hey there, I didn’t see you. Nah, for real. I didn’t see you. Cause I’m at my house writing this blog and you’re somewhere else reading this and because…*UGH*…nevermind.

Anyways, WELCOME to the NEW website/blog! Can you believe that this is already the 4th version of WOW. I know, I know, I know…it’s been forever since I’ve done anything let alone even have a website up, but hey, life happens y’know? You get married and have some kids and slave to death at at a job you hate while struggling to pay your bills. GOOD THING I DIDN’T DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS! Instead, what I’ve been doing is brewing this very website that you are visiting RIGHT NOW. I know that everyone loves free stuff, so be sure to visit the FREE STUFF link. I also know that everyone has questions, so be sure to read the FAQ page for answers.

Along with brewing up this site, I also brew’d up some new shirt designs while deciding to bring back some old personal favorites too. I also decided that 99% of Fur Face Boy orders will now be made-to-order, meaning that I won’t produce it until someone orders it. Yes, that means it will take more time for your order to be delivered to you, but it also means that your order will be even more special, more cared for, and truly one-of-a-kind (it also means that I won’t have excess inventory laying around that I’ll have to sell at super bargain bin prices that make me go broke).

Out of all of that, I also decided to create my most favorite of this Fur Face Boy revamp, a limited, self-published zine, FFB Issues which I plan on releasing quarterly along with an exclusive FFB product that you get with it only if you snag an issue. I got this idea because sometimes, I HATE THE INTERNET / THE DIGITAL AGE (again, I said sometimes). I don’t know, at times I just miss reading and having in my hands an actual, physical, printed piece. Call me old school I guess. I don’t care… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I also thought that with FFB Issues I could take this brand to another level, be able to do even more ris-kay (is that how it’s spelled?) type things, and be even more personal with this brand and myself. Who knows, just grab an issue and let me know what you think.



Quite honestly, it was kinda nice to getaway from Fur Face Boy…and writing all of the blog posts…and taking pictures of things for the blog…and mailing out orders…and emailing customers…and doing events…and keeping up with all of the mind-melting social media…and sending out email blasts…and coming up with designs…and producing the designs…and stressing over print costs…and balancing time…and talking to people…and meeting with people…and this and that, and that and this, but I love FFB just wayyy too much for me to totally stay away from it.

This brand definitely isn’t what it was say 2 or 3 years ago, but at least it’s still around and I’m still doing it the way I want to. I know that much of my fan base has probably grown out of their FFB phase, but I hope to build a new audience while maturing with any fans that still stuck around. As I grow older, get better with my profession and experience life more, hopefully FFB just gets better…or worse. I don’t know. I’m just gonna keep doing it until I get married and have some kids and slave to death at at a job I hate while struggling to pay my bills. Which probably means…it’s just gonna get worse. So c’mon, let’s take that chance and jump into this shithole together. YEAAAAAA!



-Fur Face Boy