June 30, 2015


I ate so much food tonight. I am stuffed. Ugh…I can’t even breathe right now.

-Fur Face Boy

June 25, 2015


Hey. Are you at work right now? Oh yea? Are you caught up with all of your work? Oh yea? Good job. Do you ever think of getting up from your desk, walking out on your job and using a credit card to catch the next flight out to a dream destination? Hawaii maybe? Or the Caribbean? Maybe tour all of Europe? Or go to Australia for a month or 2 or 3? Maybe even randomly calling up your dream girl (or guy) to let them know that you’ve got them covered and that they’re going with you and that all they have to do is take the chance and go along with your plan.

I think about doing this everyday. And maybe one day I will.

Do you ever think about doing this? If so, email me and let me know. I won’t reply back. I just want to be nosy.

-Fur Face Boy

June 19, 2015


…it looks like the Fur Face Boy brand WILL NOT be terminated. In my previous post, I released a new FFB design that was pre-sale only. I asked that I receive a minimum of 15 pre-orders by June 25th or I would’ve ended Fur Face Boy for good and to be quite honest, I was very shocked to see that after only one day, I received 26 pre-orders! So a HUGE THANK YOU to these amazing FFB fans that won’t let me pull the FFB plug:

Alonzo, Daniel, Chis, Darrick, Chante, Sergio, Dustin, Thy, Eric, Dzung, Kevin, Chau, Kay, Stephen, Aaron, Claudia, Duane, Viet, Jim, Dustin, Ethan, Richard, David, Loomis, Ericka and Jason.

I will continue to take pre-orders for the FFBT-100 tee up until midnight on June 25, 2015 and plan to ship out these orders the 2nd week of July.

I’m thrilled to see the FFB fanbase is still alive and kicking. Thanks again everybody! It really puts a smile on my face…

Fur Face Boy

June 18, 2015


Hey everyone, how are you? Oh yea? Cool. So I was really bored tonight and I decided to make a new FFB design for PRE-SALE ONLY!

The FFBT-100 tee will be available for pre-sale until midnight (CST) on June 25, 2015. This shirt will only be produced if I get at least 15 orders! If I do not receive at least 15 orders, it will be Judgement Day for the Fur Face Boy brand and I will refund anyone who purchased this pre-order tee 100% of their money back, THEN I will totally shut FFB completely down and live my life toward total peace, personal development and personal enlightenment.


Pre-order starts now and again, ENDS AT MIDNIGHT (CST) ON JUNE 25, 2015! Orders are scheduled to ship the 2nd week of July.


If you want to live in a world without Fur Face Boy, ignore this. If you want to continue the FFB revolution then make sure you cop one. I NEED AT LEAST 15 ORDERS! Me, Sarah Conner and John Conner need your help for a prosperous future. HopefullyI’ll be back.

-Fur Face Boy

June 10, 2015


…as a kid.

Now that I’m a 33 year old, grown-ass adult, I think back to what I miss the most about being a kid (I consider that to be ages 12-31) and after some VERY deep thinking, I realize that I miss…easily falling in love with shit.

I used to fall in love with a lot of shit. Shit people, shit things, shit movies, shit music, shit food, shit clothes, shit cars, shit technology, shit experiences and shit ideas SO easily, but these days, I just don’t care enough about much to love that kind of shit anymore, let alone fall in love with it easily.

Maybe with age, you just wise up enough to know that falling in love with unnecessary shit so fast is just being plain dumb. I really like to not care these days, but a lot of times I’m fighting with my own thoughts weather or not to not care versus falling in love with shit so easily. Who knows, maybe I’m just bored with everything and that’s why I feel this way. *YAWN*…this post is boring.

Email me if you stopped falling in love with shit people, shit things, shit movies, shit music, shit food, shit clothes, shit cars, shit technology, shit experiences and shit ideas so easily too. I won’t reply, but I’ll read it and think about it.

-Fur Face Boy